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Move your career in the right direction with Hudson Talent Management

What is Talent Management?

Talent Management is about selecting the right people, developing their potential, and helping them achieve exceptional performance.

At Hudson we specialise in assessment and selection, leadership development, graduate recruitment, career coaching and outplacement.

We’re passionate about the work we do and the impact we make. In fact, we’ve set ourselves the goal of changing the lives of 50,000 people per year by 2026.

Candidate Profiling and Assessment

We have a suite of behavioural and psychological assessments that can help measure intellect, emotional intelligence, personality, values and motivators of candidates.

Why choose Hudson?

You’re intelligent, passionate about making a positive impact, and highly motivated. You’re a team player who loves building relationships and delivering high quality outcomes for your clients.

So how will you benefit from a career at Hudson?

Work across a variety of projects...

At Hudson you can work across candidate profiling and assessment, leadership development, and outplacement and redeployment.


We don’t pigeonhole you into one area, so you'll get experience and exposure across a variety of projects.

...and with leading technology tools

The tools we use are flexible and customisable, which enables us to innovate and create more effective outcomes.


As a consultant, you will create and deliver bespoke talent solutions based on your clients’ needs, rather than only deploying off the shelf solutions.

When I relocated to Melbourne for family reasons, Hudson was amazing. They offered mobility and flexibility as I transferred to the Victoria office. Within a couple of months, the opportunity to lead the ANZ account came up and I was offered the Associate Director role.”

Jen, Associate Director, Melbourne

Purpose-driven, with tangible outcomes

If you already work within Talent Management, or are interested in doing so, chances are that you’re motivated by the impact you have on people’s lives and your clients’ businesses.

At Hudson this is a really strong cultural element, from the top down and bottom up. The work we do allows us to see tangible outcomes. Our people care deeply about the results they get for their clients and the effect this has on the wider community.

It’s a real driver for me to add value through the work we do as a team. It’s not just numbers, it’s the quality of what we provide to our client. Our work is a key contributor to ensuring that prisons run effectively and safely. We have a positive impact on the wider community.”

Angus, Delivery Manager, Melbourne

Continuous learning and development

We encourage you to attend professional development events and to speak at or attend conferences. Our consultants receive thorough training on and off the job, on all aspects of the role.

Our leaders support us in our work and our career aspirations, and help us to grow into the best consultants, org psychs, leaders, career coaches and assessors that we can be.

There’s a big emphasis on development and career progression here. Hudson leaders focus on developing their staff while considering their wellbeing.” 

Angus, Manager, Melbourne

Clearly defined career paths

Our structured career paths give our consultants the option to progress as a people leader, or as an individual specialist. You’ll have transparent and objective steps to take in order to progress at your own pace along your chosen path, and when you’ve achieved your goals and are ready you progress, you’ll be promoted.

I was promoted to Managing Consultant in just 4 months. From day one, the transparent criteria helped me stay focused on my goals.”

Matt, Manager, Queensland

Collaborate with experts in a fun work environment

Be surrounded by some of the best organisational psychologists in the business. We hire intelligent, driven people who also like to have a laugh. Learn from each other, bounce ideas off each other and solve problems together in a collaborative, fun work environment.

Our leadership team are the top of their game, regularly speaking at conferences, and many of our leaders have been working with Hudson for years. Our Executive General Manager Simon Moylan started as a test coordinator 18 years ago and worked his way up to where he is today.

I love my team. I work with the most incredible, intelligent, passionate and hardworking people. It’s so motivating and makes me want to be a better consultant and psychologist!”

Jill, Consultant, Sydney

The future is yours to create

We have ambitious growth plans and are looking for more great people to join us as we create an exciting future.

In April 2018 our executive leadership team, including Hudson TM’s EGM Simon Moylan, took ownership of Hudson's talent management and specialist recruitment business in Asia Pacific. We are now the largest privately owned company in the region and we are relishing our new-found autonomy. 

We have an exciting vision for the future and a roadmap for significant tech investment. In our first quarter of trading as a private company, the business grew 29% year-on-year, and we’re on track for a record breaking year.

Join us and be part of something great


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Please get in touch either via the form below, or directly with Simon Moylan. No matter how you contact us, everything is kept 100% confidential.

Simon Moylan

Executive General Manager

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