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“Say ‘no’ to the same old and ‘yes’ to a career that takes you by surprise”

Do you want a career as exciting and dynamic as you are?

Work. It’s where you’ll spend a good 8 hours of your day, so how do you find a job you’ll love to be in? It’s simple, think about what you love to do.

Do you enjoy meeting interesting people, making a difference and solving problems? Do you want to be in control of your earning potential and when you get a promotion? Are you driven, motivated and curious? Have we got the role for you!

When you join Hudson Hong Kong as a trainee recruitment consultant you can look forward to a career helping to find the perfect match – placing people into their dream roles whilst solving talent problems for businesses.

In recruitment, you can shoot to the stars in a short period of time. While you help others build their careers, you will be progressing your own by developing vital skills for a changing workplace environment, becoming a true expert within your specialisation, and following clear progression criteria to help you get to your next promotion sooner.

Hudson Hong Kong stories

Matthew, Managing Consultant

I worked in Enterprise IT insurance sales in the UK before moving to Hong Kong in 2016. Someone suggested that I could be good in recruitment, so I did some research and found Hudson. Hudson had an attractive brand and great office location. My interviewers were very clear on their vision for the business and how I could be a part of it. I felt confident that they would be able teach me to be a strong recruiter.

Within just 12 months of joining the business and the industry, I became one of the top 3 billers and won the Individual Contributor Star Award. I was promoted twice in less than a quarter, and it was a proud moment again when my first hire (a fresh graduate) hit productivity and earned a bonus in his first quarter in recruitment. 

As well as the great team culture – collaborative, respectful, success-driven and jovial – I really enjoy working on very senior recruitment processes and meeting high performing candidates and clients.  

Matthew with Sophia and Sid at a recent team lunch 

Become a recruitment consultant at Hudson

Don’t worry. From your very first phone call to high level meetings, we will equip you with all that you need to thrive in your new role.

With support and coaching from our senior consultants, and our brand new, interactive training program, you can fast-track your career in no time.

Don’t have the experience?

Set your own bonus goals and smash them.

We believe you should be rewarded for your success. This is where our uncapped bonus scheme comes in. As a recruitment consultant, you get a base salary and earn a bonus that’s dependent on how well you do each quarter.

Our bonus program is transparent and results-based, which means you can plan ahead as you work towards your goal. Start planning your next holiday!

Career paths at Hudson

We offer two well-defined career pathways. Do you want to be a team leader? Then you can choose the People Leader path.

Would you rather deepen your knowledge as a specialist recruitment consultant and recruit for senior level roles? Then the Individual Contributor path is the one for you.

Both paths are well defined with clear and objective criteria for progression, so you know exactly what you need to do to reach the next step. The pace and the direction are in your hands.  It’s how we give you control of your career.

Be part of a great culture made up of great people

We are united across our lines of business, geographies, cultures and backgrounds by a universal desire to do our best, have a laugh and enjoy the journey together along the way. There are no lone wolves in this pack. While our people are self-driven, we look out for one another. There’s a special bond that connects us, no matter if you live in Beijing, Sydney or Hong Kong!

Receive support and training

We are supported with up-to-date development programs and coaching from our leaders, so that every day we can be better than we were yesterday. We are guided by leaders who have walked in our shoes. They create opportunities for us because they want to see us excel.

There’s never a dull moment in a recruitment career with Hudson.

Jump into a career where you can make a name for yourself by meeting people and helping organisations solve their talent challenges.  


Do you think you have what it takes to become a recruitment consultant?

Are you hungry for success?

Do you love networking?

Are you determined to be the best?

If the answer is "YES!", we'd love to hear from you!

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